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Unlike objective sports such as power lifting where the athlete who lifts the most weight wins, or basketball where the team with the most points wins, bodybuilding is a subjective sport much like gymnastics or figure skating, where an objective set of judging rules or guidelines are subjectively imposed. As such, differences of opinion will contend, however, objectivity should be foremost as it is likely that there won’t always be unanimity with every decision or outcome. Notwithstanding, the IBBF judging guidelines makes it possible for judges to make the best decision most of the time.
For International Championships like Asian Body Building and Physiques Sports Championship and the World Body building and Physiques Sports Championship athletes are chosen by a separate selection Trial conducted at National Level. The selection competition is held every year jointly for the both these competitions. The said selection process is conducted by a panel of Nine Judges from different State Units who have rich experience in Judging at International level. For Senior National Championship, each and every state Units selected 16 athletes maximum for participation in 10 Body Building weight Categories , two Physique Sports Men and women category and one category of women body building:
The Judging guideline are given below in the link of World Body Building and Physiques Sports Federation WBPF and is being followed by the IBBF
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