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Dear Friends

Since 2009 the Indian Body Builders Federation has led India to identify and recognize the finest athletes for Body Building Sport. Our Federation consists of more than 5000 athletes who participate in competitions organized, conducted and managed by IBBF or its affiliated State Units. The Federation is fortunate to have more than 600 officials who promote and popularize Body Building throughout India on voluntary basis by contributing their valuable time and talent toward supporting our primary mission:
The main motto of IBBF is to support local, youth oriented, non-profit organizations which gives emphasizes on fitness related programs, while developing character and career in Fitness Field.
The IBBF does not have any paid staff and all funds collected in excess of actual expenses are used to fulfill our mission. Through sponsorships from private individuals, companies and other corporate entities, we help and support numerous body building and fitness activities in India. The primary beneficiaries of our efforts are body builders mainly from poor section of society who are not able to participate in this sport inspite having discipline, hard work and sincerity to face the rigors of this sport but are not able to do so due to financial constraints. Our largest event and quite frankly the most rewarding is the Senior National Mens Body Building and physique Sports Championship which is held on yearly basis where prize money of more than Rs 50 Lacs are distributed amongst the athletes. The mind set of all participants in the all the competitions organized by IBBF is always "never give up, never quit"! The Body Builders are living example of addiction free life and inspire the youth of our nation in healthy living.
As the Indian Body builders Federation, I am humbled to lead such a diverse, committed group of Officials and athletes who make such a difference in our India. Our organization draws the best talent from India to give them exposure in International Field and provide opportunities for youth in India.
Mr. Premchand Degra President IBBF
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04th January 2018
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