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On behalf of Indian Body Builders Federation, I welcome you all supporters of Body Building in particular and Fitness in general on this website.
It is a singular pleasure for me to be serving the Body Building field in India, through the Indian Body Builders Federation. It is a learning experience to be working along with towering personalities like Shri Madhukar Talwalkar sir, Shri Premchandji Degra (Padamshi and Arjuna Awardee) and other senior officials of IBBF.
The Indian Body Builders Federation was formed with the intention of promoting and propagating Body Building in India and with a mission to steward, modernize and develop the sporting discipline of body building and Physiques sport in India. Our aim of getting recognition to the sport of body building by the Hon'ble Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, was fulfilled in 2012. Since then the body building scenario has changed drastically in India, with tremendous increase in prize money, more participation from women athletes, better facilities for athletes during competitions, recruitment in various Government agencies and promotion and other incentives for athletes already representing Boards.
This was possible due to hard working team which supported Indian Body Builders Federation at every juncture. The Officials of Body Building who have worked tirelessly for the promotion of the sport deserve all praise for their selfless devotion to the sport.
In the coming years we have planned various initiatives for the betterment of sport in various field namely doping education, career oriented goals setting seminars, opening of new avenues for the athletes in body building field after retirement of active athletes. We also have planned for some retirement benefits to the officials who have devoted their entire life to develop the sport.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart all the supporters, sponsors, officials of Affiliated State Associations/ UT's/ Sports Control Boards of body building who have not only provided financial assistance to the sport but also encouraged these athletes to do wonder for the nation.
Mr. Chetan Pathare General Secretary IBBF
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